Card holder
The card holder has space for 6 cards without embossing. Embossed cards (e.g. credit cards) take up 2 card slots. Please never force your cards in. If things get stuck, then remove the cards and try inserting them into the card holder again in a different order.

Bill clip
With the bill clip you can easily stow away your bills & receipts. To do this, fold your bills to 1/4 the size to stow them behind the bill clip.
Our tip: press lightly on the underside of the clip with your thumb to lift it up. This will make it easier for you to insert the bills.

Internal compartment
You can also use the internal compartment for your cards. For use, we recommend a maximum of 2 cards without embossing. However, the compartment is better suited for parking garage tickets, business cards or receipts. Try it yourself!
IMPORTANT: The inner compartment has no RFID protection. The RFID protection is only provided by the aluminum card holder.

Coin compartment
Even though many coins fit into the coin compartment, we recommend not overfilling it. This avoids pressure points in the material and the slim design is also retained. Please don't close the zipper here with pressure either if something is blocked.


The leather can be gently cleaned with a little lukewarm water and, if necessary, with mild soap. Avoid contact with makeup, food, or other oils - these can leave stains. If such stains occur, dab the area immediately with a clean & dry cloth. Also avoid direct contact with water. If the leather does get wet, rub off the excess water with a cloth and let it dry at room temperature.

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perm. updated: 03/29/2021